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The Genius of Flat Back Christmas Trees

We all have a place in our home or office where a Christmas tree would look fantastic, but we simply don’t have a deep enough space to support it. One option is choosing a pencil tree but what if you still want the look of a full tree? We now carry a genius product that allows you to proudly display a full tree in just half the square footage.

Flat Back Tree

Flat-Back Christmas Trees

Flat back Christmas trees feature a classic design on one side, and a completely flat back on the other. The result is a tree that can be pushed right up against the wall. These trees are just as beautiful as standard trees but take up half the space and half of the Christmas ornaments to fill them up.

Upside Down Flat Back Tree

Upside Down Flat-Back Trees

As if traditional flat-back trees were not awesome enough, we now carry upside down flat-back trees. Imagine how wonderful these topsy turvy trees would look flanking a large archway or hanging from an otherwise forgotten wall. There is no need to add a tree topper, simply pile a ton of christmas presents beneath it and wait for your guests to marvel at your decor.

Residential Use

  • Stair Landings
  • Foyers
  • Narrow Living Rooms
  • Children’s Rooms
  • Dining Rooms

Commercial Use

  • Corporate Lobbies
  • In Small Offices
  • Retail Display Windows
  • Between Two Elevators
  • At the End of a Hallway

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