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10 Pieces of Decor Every Man Cave Needs

A man cave is a special area where testosterone runs free and their hobbies shine brightly. This should be a room where he can relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Help him create the ultimate retreat by making sure it features these 10 pieces of decor every man cave needs.

10 Pieces of Decor Every Man Cave Needs

Man Cave Decor

1. Comfortable Seating

Above all else, the man cave should be a comfortable place where he can relax. This is the ideal place to let him enjoy that big leather recliner or deep-seating sectional. While finding his ideal seat is important, it is also necessary to have enough seating to accommodate your frequent guests. Extra chairs and plush ottomans are a great way to incorporate additional seating into a space. When they aren’t in use, ottomans can be pushed together to create a coffee table. Just top them off with a serving tray and always have snacks within arm’s reach

2. Bar Area

His man cave is a place where his drink of choice should be flowing. Create an ultimate bar area specifically designed to his tastes. Kegerators, wine refrigerators, and retro-inspired bar carts will ensure that he and his friends will always have just what they are looking for. The bar area is a great place to display antique bar ware and accessories.

3. A Great Television

If there is one absolute essential item that every man cave needs, it is a great television. Whether he is a gamer, a sports enthusiast or a movie buff, a television will be a must-have item the rest of the space is decorated around. For a stream-lined look, wall mount the television.

4. Hobby-Related Decor

What is his all-time favorite hobby? Decorate his man cave with the answer in mind. This space is a great opportunity to display that sports memorabilia he has been collecting over the years. Support his interest by using his favorite hobby items as the jumping off point for the decor of the space.

Football Mirror

5. Microwave

Make sure he always has hot snacks to enjoy while playing video games or enjoying his favorite sport by adding a microwave to his man cave. This simple and inexpensive appliance will make it easy for him to heat up his favorite foods and can be placed on a baker’s rack or cart.

6. Stereo System

His viewing area would not be complete without an incredible stereo system. Adding surround sound will provide him with an immersive experience while watching his favorite movies or enjoying the big game. When something isn’t on television he can crank up the music and visit with friends.

7. Gaming Table

Whether he gathers the buddies for a weekly poker night or just needs a place to lay out his favorite eats, a round table makes a great addition to his man cave. Surround the table with comfortable chairs and have the additional seating you need when you invite over friends and family.

Man Cave Decor

8. Black-Out Drapes

Darken up the space and set the mood for prime television viewing. Black out shades don’t just control the level of light that is allowed into a space, they also help to insulate the room, keeping heating and cooling costs lower.

Man cave

9. Lighting

One of the most important parts of decorating any room in your home is the lighting, and the man cave is no different. Not only should there be ample overhead lighting, but there should also be task lighting and focal lighting as well. Task lighting on an end table will provide the light they need to read the newspaper. Consider placing the overhead lights on a dimmer that allows him to customize the level of light he needs for different hobbies.

10. Shelving

No man cave would be complete without hanging shelving or bookshelves on which to display his favorite items. Whether it is a trophy case, a place to display collectible model cars, or perhaps just a way to organize his books, shelves are imperative to the design of a man cave.

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