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Visual Merchandising Article

“I gazed and gazed but little thought what wealth the show to me had brought”
William Wordsworth

Interior design is a main aspect in visual merchandising. The eye is the link that connects the mind and the heart with the external world. It is only through sight that any image gets recorded in the fancy, which has the ability to compound and alter these retained images. The power of human expression reaches its pinnacle with visual presentations. Interior design helps visual merchandising through decorating retail stores, exhibition stalls, business venues, showrooms, trade shows, shopping malls etc. It helps the vendor display their latest creations with flair.

Visual merchandising aims at introducing the product in style and with color; it educates the customer to help them make purchase decisions quickly.

Your store front has to be decorated with a focus on the main product displayed. Many things help in enhancing the look of the focused product. The colors of the background, the lighting, the art pieces, the greenery in fiber stone planters of the right design, all help improve the look. A window dressing with silk greenery in a shopping mall should create a longing to own the product. The lighted paths of shopping malls, business venues and exhibition stalls can be decorated with silk trees and plants and the stalls with artificial flower arrangements and small plants on the sides of products. Interior designers also can place artificial flower arrangements on the walls.

The fixtures and paintings, and murals and artificial topiaries should make the customers stop and look, and encourage them to buy. Meticulous interior design acts as an indirect warranty to the quality of products displayed. Interior design makes merchandising possible.

Combining fanciful images in green surroundings with artificial greenery certainly makes visual merchandising a great success. Visual themes are retained better than the ones that are heard or read. So the present day designers use Video Display Systems combined with audio to create such an impression. Even large boards and closed circuit screens make a lasting impression on the onlookers. The main aim of interior design is to retain the customer longer in the place, buy and buy more than he has ever intended and return a satisfied customer.

When all is said and done an individual loves to shop in fun surroundings with artificial trees and such beautiful enticing surroundings can be achieved with the use of proper wall colors, proper lighting, floor designs or rugs, wall motifs, artificial flower arrangements and green bushes. Present day environment specialists encourage silk plants and trees in public places and malls to avoid pests and the spread of allergic pollen particles. Fake plants and trees have taken precedence over natural ones, in visual merchandising.

“playing on a colour-violin . . . and inventing your tune as you play”
John Ruskin

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