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Interior Decorating – Hotels and Restaurants Article

“Order a steak and they send us a pie”

Restaurants and hotels strive to build a loyal following of patrons that return again and again. To that end you have to serve excellent food or deliver a clean room that is warm and welcomes your patron home. Managers go to great lengths to make sure their decor matches the food or room that they are selling to their guests. When you enter a restaurant or hotel you want to sense the beauty of the place before you even taste the food or enter your room. Hotels and restaurants have learned they must sell their products, beds, soaps, etc. to add an extra edge to their competitive matrix. Hotels and restaurants have fallen in line with the merchandising trend and have taken to interior design to promote their business.

Restaurants shopping mall and hotels benefit greatly by having masterpiece giant artificial trees in their lobbies. This gives a good first time impression to your customers. These require practically no maintenance once assembled. One of the most elegant choices you can install in a lobby is a preserved palm tree. Preserved palms are created using preserved palm fronds with a preserved palm trunk reinforced with steel.

Restaurants select proper furniture to blend with the color of their walls. In selecting the furniture, they give special attention to the dining comfort of the customers. They are made to feel at home and at many places their privacy is secured through distancing the tables or by creating cubicles. The dull candle light dinners in calm and serene atmosphere with pervading melodious music may be the one which the connoisseur prefers. This pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by adding silk plants and flower arrangements. Present day restaurants prefer silk plants and flowers in lieu of natural ones to avoid insects and pests in dining places and also because of the low cost in maintenance. Restaurants change the arrangement of these decorative plants and articles to suit the event or theme. These artificial silk plants make such rearrangements easy.

A place where people expect comfort, rest and peace is a hotel. The preparation for work and rest thereafter is expected to be as comfortable as possible. Beautiful silk flower arrangements and the placement of artificial plants and trees throughout otherwise dark hallways can accent the decor of a hotel and add a touch of elegance to an otherwise nondescript hallway or entry way.

Interior design with silk trees and plants helps hotel managers create this pleasant and homely feeling in their customers. The elegant room and soft bed and neat bath may be the basic requirements. But from the entrance to their rooms, at the lobby and at the dining hall, customers expect more. The welcoming environment among lawns and palms, tall trees in the lobby, the warm welcome at the reception, the proper lighting, the color, and added to these the silk greenery make them feel at home. These should be so selective to make them blend with each other and create joy. The warm room with wall paintings and small silk plants and silk flower arrangements make your stay memorable. The satisfaction is unforgettable and creates a lasting impression on your customers.

Proper interior design will bring your customers back again and again to visit your hotel or restaurant. Customers depart with an elated satisfaction not because of the tasty food alone, but because of the atmosphere that has acted as an appetizer. The gourmet lovers will certainly go contented dining in such wonderful environments made possible by silk plants.

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