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Uplighting a Trellis

I absolutely love trellises because they are so functional. Not only do they act as a support for creeping vine plants, but they can also be a great way to conceal an ugly fence or wall. Make your trellis as beautiful at night as it is during the day with some strategic lighting.

All Things Cedar Planter and Trellis

All Things Cedar Planter and Trellis

Step 1: Choose a Planter and Trellis

I personally love the All Things Cedar Planter with Trellis because the planter and trellis are perfectly paired, taking the guess work out of choosing the right trellis for a pot. This particular trellis stands 7 feet tall, making it a great solution for an exposed deck or patio with very little privacy.

Step 2: Add Your Plants to Your Planter Box

Once you have chosen your planter and trellis and gotten them into position, go ahead and fill the planter with soil. Add the real or artificial climbing plants of your choice, allowing a little space between each plant. Once your plants are in place,  it is time to add some lighting.

Step 3: Add Uplights to the Trellis

Uplights are readily available at your local garden center or hardware store and can serve many purposes around your yard. For this particular application, you are going to want to measure the distance from the top of the soil to the rim of the planter box. Make sure that the uplight you choose is shorter than that measurement so that you can place it discreetly within the planter.

Purchase one or two lights per planter, depending upon the size of the planter. Go ahead and place them inside the planter box, alongside the plants. Run the power cords out the back of the first hole in the trellis to help conceal them. When the sun goes down, turn these uprights on to illuminate the trellis and add some ambiance to the deck or patio.

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