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The Ultimate Outdoor Man Cave

With college football starting this coming weekend, I was inspired to write today’s post about creating the ultimate outdoor man cave. Ladies, the rest of the home has our personal design touches featured throughout. This outdoor room is going to be all about the men. Each of today’s ideas can go a long way in creating an outdoor space that is all about the boys but when you use them all together, you get the ultimate football-watching destination.

Florida State Patina Fire Pit

Florida State Patina Fire Pit

Hang an Outdoor Television

You can’t have the ultimate man cave without the ability to watch the game. Outdoor televisions are specifically designed to hold up to the elements. They can be placed in an outdoor kitchen, living room, or bar to create an awesome viewing area. Make sure that your television has a roof, canopy, or shade above it so that you are able to see the screen perfectly.

Add Comfortable Seating

Now that you have an outdoor television, you have to have a place to sit and watch it. Couches, sectionals, and deep seating arm chairs can be placed around the television. If you plan a lot of football parties, ottomans and benches placed around the room can offer additional seating when you need it.

Stock an Outdoor Bar

Keep the drinks flowing for you and your guests by placing an outdoor bar in your outdoor man cave. These bars are made out of durable outdoor products, such as teak and wicker. A couple bar stools around the front will give your friends a place to sit while you whip up drinks for all. Before the game starts, make sure your bar is stocked.

Grill Out & Serve Up Great Food

cheering for your favorite teams will work up quite the appetite. Keep the burgers, steaks, and brats in supply with the addition of a great outdoor grill and patio dining table. You don’t want to have any dishes when you are done so only paper plates will do for game days.

Gather Around a Collegiate Fire Pit

Recap your favorite plays of the game while gathered around a patina fire pit. What better way is there to show your school spirit than with one of these gorgeous fire pits?


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