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Key Elements to Decorating a Fireplace Mantle

Have you ever walked into a hotel or home and find your eye being drawn to the mantle? Architecturally, a mantle is naturally the focal point of a living room, dining room, or bedroom. Make full use of this important part of your home by paying attention to the key elements of designing a beautiful fireplace mantle.

Ren-Will Carwyn Circular Mirror

Ren-Will Carwyn Circular Mirror

A Large Focal Point

Every beautiful mantle needs a large key element to act as theĀ anchor piece for the mantle design. This is a very important element because it helps to set the tone for the rest of the mantle design. This large central item can be a piece of artwork, a mirror, a large wreath, or even a clock.

Beautiful Flowers or Plants

Small topiaries, floral arrangements, and little bud vases are all common go-to items for mantles. Not only do they bring a bit of beauty to the space, but they are also a great way to reinforce a color scheme and add a pop of vibrance. The size, color, and type of plant that you use is completely up to you and a great way to reinforce theme and location in the interior design of your home.

Personal Trinkets

Your home is not a show home. It is a reflection of you and your family. That is why it is so important that you take a moment to add some personal trinkets to your mantle. these can be small framed pictures, personal artifacts, or family antiques. Vary the size so that everything is not all at one level.

Seasonal Elements

While most of your mantle decor can remain constant year-in and year-out, it is also important that you change things up a bit to reflect the season you are in. Label a large storage bin “Seasonal Mantle Decor” and fill it with two or three items for each of the four seasons. Every three months access the box and trade out your elements.

When you decorate your fireplace mantle with these key elements, you are sure to love the results. Be sure to share your mantle with us on Facebook. We would love to see how you run with this inspiration.

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