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The Perfect Christmas Trees For Small Rooms

Decking your halls for the holidays may seem like a huge challenge when you are dealing with a small space. If Christmas is your favorite holiday, fear not. Today we are going to share four options for the perfect Christmas trees for small rooms. Each of the trees in this collection was designed with small spaces in mind. You don’t have to sacrifice holiday cheer to save on floor space when you rely on one of these festive Christmas trees. The hardest part will be deciding which of these space-saving Christmas trees will make the best addition to your home for the holidays.

The Perfect Christmas Trees For Small Rooms

Flat-Back Christmas Trees:

When you want all the height and beauty of a full Christmas tree but only have a fraction of the space, a flat-back Christmas tree makes the perfect solution. These innovative Christmas trees can be pushed right up against the wall but offer all the fullness of a natural tree. Flat-back Christmas trees are available in a variety of heights, styles, and colors, making it easy to find the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. These artificial Christmas trees come on stands designed to push up against the wall as well.

Tips for Decorating Flat-Back Christmas Trees:

Flat-back Christmas trees can be decorated in the same style as your standard tree, but with half of the decorations. Wrap garlands back and forth in a diagonal zig-zag pattern, layer on all your favorite ornaments, and finish things off by piling presents high below the bottom branches. When choosing a tree topper, keep in mind that the tree will be pushed up against the wall. Narrow but wide options, such as a classic five-pointed star, make a better choice than round angels.

Slim or Pencil Trees

Over recent years we have seen slim Christmas trees and pencil trees growing in popularity. These trees offer full height but take up just a fraction of the space. Their narrow, tapered shape makes them ideal for small footprints. Nestle one between two arm chairs, at the bottom of a staircase, or decorating an entryway. Slim Christmas trees aren’t just for small homes. They are also a great solution for adding a little extra holiday cheer to narrow spaces in a larger home. A colorful pencil tree makes a fun addition to a Child’s bedroom while a pair of slim trees can make a grand statement flanking a fireplace.

Tips for Decorating Slim or Pencil Trees:

Small scale ornaments are a great choice for slim and pencil trees. Their narrow design mean that you should scale back the rest of the decorations as well. Consider narrow garlands and long ornaments. Slim trees offer a great operation to introduce a theme. It doesn’t take many ornaments to fill them up so have fun with it. Pairs of animal ornaments allow for a Noah’s Ark theme. If you are decorating it for a child, consider decorating it to coordinate with their favorite movie or show.

Tabletop Christmas Trees

When you have a small space, consider elevating a small Christmas trees. Tabletop trees offer all the beauty of a full-sized tree in a much smaller package. Many of these little trees come already potted in decorative urns, planters, and baskets, eliminating the need for a tree skirt. Place them in the center of an entry table, on a dining room buffet, or even on top of a plant stand. These little trees also make a fun addition to a child’s dresser or nightstand. Go traditional with a full spruce or give your space a modern look by featuring a metallic Christmas tree.

Tips for Decorating Tabletop Christmas Trees

These trees may be small but that doesn’t mean they have to lack style. Select small ornaments designed for these shorter trees. They offer traditional style but are scaled perfectly for these little trees. Instead of traditional tree toppers, consider choosing a wire edged ribbon in a festive color scheme and tying a custom bow for the top of your Christmas trees. Handmade ribbon tree toppers are easy to make. If you have never tried it before, we offer step-by-step instructions on how to make these voluminous bows with this video tutorial:

Upside Down Christmas Trees

When you lack floor space in your home, consider decorating your home from the top down. Upside down Christmas trees are available in flat-back and corner varieties. Both of these options take the full part of the tree up to your ceiling and taper down to the skinny point at the floor. This inverted design draws your eye up while taking up minimal floor space. Imagine how festive and contemporary an upside down Christmas tree would look in the center of a seating area or corner of a dining room.

Tips for Decorating an Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside down Christmas trees take your traditional decorating practices and turn them on their head. This contemporary tree accommodates ornaments, garlands,  and floral stems in the same way as a normal tree, but showcase them in a fresh new way. When you reach the tip you have the option of leaving the floor bare or filling it up with beautifully wrapped holiday presents. Either way, this upside down Christmas tee will be a stunning and conversation-starting addition to your holiday decor.

How Do You Decorate Your Small Space for the Holidays?

Do you have a small space that gets majorly decorated for the holidays? Feel free to share it with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see your personal design solutions.

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