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St. Patrick’s Day Ribbon Grass Centerpiece Idea

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In celebration of this green holiday, I made a beautiful and easy ribbon grass centerpiece. A simple glass vase that came with a floral arrangement my Dad sent me for a past birthday acted as the base for this arrangement and we all know we have a ton of those boring freebie vases hanging around. Some rocks, a little ribbon, a glittered shamrock, and four beautiful stems of ribbon grass are all I needed to pull the rest of this arrangement together. This project is so easy, that my 5 year old girls were able to do most of it themselves (all except for tying the bow).This ribbon grass centerpiece is the perfect way to decorate a table for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patty's Day Ribbon Grass Centerpiece

St. Patty’s Day Ribbon Grass Centerpiece



  • 2 branches or ribbon grass in light green
  • 2 branches of ribbon grass in dark green
  • 1 container of rocks
  • Glass Vase
  • 1 Spool of Green Striped Ribbon
  • Shamrock Embellishment

Step 1:

Fill your vase most of the way with rocks. Stop a couple inches from the top of the vase.

Step 2:

Place all four branches of ribbon grass into the rock-filled vase. I alternated light green and dark green but you could use any colors you want.

Step 3:

Tie the ribbon around the neck of the vase, making a pretty bow.

Step 4:

Hot glue your glittered shamrock embellishment to the center of the bow and let dry.


That is all there is to it. In less than 5 minutes you have a stunning St. Patrick’s Day ribbon grass centerpiece that is perfect for any dining room table.

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