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Product Highlight: Artificial Outdoor Geraniums

Summer brings with it all sorts of delightful reminders of the things that make life worth living. Ice cream, fireworks, beach days, and of course, beautiful flowers. Geraniums are a quintessential summer flower, which happen to require a lot of tending for ideal results.

Today we’re highlighting our Artificial Outdoor Geranium bush in an effort to give you a low-maintenance silk alternative to the real thing. This beautiful outdoor plant is infused with UV protection, so fading is not an issue. It is available in three popular geranium colors—white, red and pink, and features five flowers and two buds for a truly authentic look. Durable plastic leaves are very weather resistant, and should remain unaltered for several years.

pink outdoor artificial geranium

red artificial outdoor geranium

white outdoor artificial geranium

This outdoor artificial geranium is available unpotted, or potted in a non-decorative papier mache planter. In either case, you can place your plant in a container you like. Or, unpotted geraniums can be anchored directly in the ground.

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