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Using a Porcelain Teapot as a Vase

Next time you have a cracked or chipped teapot don’t throw it away. Revitalize it by turning it into a beautiful planter. One trip to the store will provide you with everything you need to turn any porcelain pot into a stunning centerpiece. In addition to using a porcelain teapot as a vase, you could also use teacups for smaller little vignettes. You will never pass by a display of tea sets at an antique store the same way again.

Pink and White Parrot Tulip Arrangement

Pink and White Parrot Tulip Arrangement

What You Need:


  • Floral Foam
  • Scissors or Stem Cutter
  • Assorted Artificial Flowers
  • Serrated Knife
  • Teapot


Step 1: Cut the floral foam to fit inside of the teapot. It is easiest to do this with a serrated steak knife. If the teapot has a small opening, you may be able to skip the floral foam all together. If you are using a teacup a bit of foam will help secure the flowers and ensure that they do not shift with time.

Step 2: Plan your arrangement. You can choose to purchase a lot of just one type of flower or you can create a more complex arrangement with a variety of flowers. If you have a teapot with a floral design printed on it, you may want to choose flowers that coordinate with the color scheme of the teapot.

Step 3: Measure first, cut second. One at a time, hold your flower at the angle you will want it to be and decide how long you will need the stem to be. When in doubt, cut just a little at a time, you can always trim more if you need to. When you are doing an arrangement on your own, start by placing the flowers around the edge of to teapot first, working your wan into the center.

That is it. You now have a beautiful porcelain teapot vase arrangement that you can make in a single afternoon.

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