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Keys to Summer Reading Success

Summer vacation is fast approaching. When planning summer activities for your children, include activities that reinforce their academic progress, especially in reading. Educational studies have shown a strong link between reading ability and comprehension and academic achievement. There are several things a parent can do to encourage summer reading.

Provide Reading Materials
A variety of reading materials is essential to holding your child’s interest. The public library is a wonderful source for books, magazines, audiobooks, and recordings. Most will issue cards to children, and many have planned story hours and entertainment over the summer. Having a bookcase of age-appropriate children’s books will also encourage summer reading. Consider a subscription to a children’s magazine. If you have a Kindle or iPad, many summer reading books are available for direct download.

Create a Cozy Reading Space
Provide an enticing space for your child to read. A cozy chair, a window seat, or a pile of cushions will encourage reading. Put a blanket under a shade tree and pile it with outdoor cushions for a fresh-air alternative. Any place with comfortable seating and adequate light will do.

Set a Time for Reading
Make sure reading is scheduled in every day during the summer. Reading is a wonderful way for your child to unwind after a busy day, or schedule quiet time mid day for reading and relaxing.

Set a Good Example
Children mimic what their parents say and do. Showing respect for books will help your children learn to take care of theirs. Reading novels, magazines, and newspapers will encourage your children to read. Talk to them about the importance of reading in your life. If you make reading over the summer a priority with your children, they will be better prepared for learning the next school year.

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