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Planting a Dogwood Tree

Flowers have the ability to evoke memories from our childhood. The beauty of the flowering dogwood can bring us back to springs of long ago. This is one of the most common trees to be used in residential landscapes because of its showy blooms and low maintenance needs. May 16th is Love A Tree day. Celebrate this day at your home by making this favorite tree a part of your landscape.

5 Foot Dogwood Tree

5 Foot Dogwood Tree

Prepare the Hole
Dogwood trees should be in a location that receives direct sunlight. Once you chose a location, measure the height of the root ball and the diameter of the root ball. The hole you dig should be equal to the height of the root ball in depth and twice the diameter of the root ball. Once your hole is big enough you can gently lower your tree into the hole, carefully loosening the root ball and spreading the shallow roots of the tree.

Adding Soil
Once you have ensured that your tree is level, you can go ahead and fill the hole back in with the same soil you dug out of it. Resist the temptation to pack the soil into the hole using your shovel or hands. This may cause damage to the fragile root system. Instead, water the soil immediately. The water will help the soil gently pack into the fresh hole and provide vital water to the newly planted tree.

After you plant the tree, it is important to make sure that it is properly cared for while the roots establish themselves. Make sure that the grass does not encroach on the tree, allowing for a 2 to 3-foot perimeter that is grass and weed free. After the initial watering, you will need to water the tree once or twice a week, depending upon how much rain you are getting.

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