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Outdoor Palm Trees Article

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial palm trees are not limited to indoor use. While any artificial palm may theoretically be used outdoors, there are a number of larger varieties which are favored. These tall outdoor artificial palms are typically built with a galvanized steel core over which real palm bark is banded. The bark on the palm trunk comes in irregular uncut lengths and exhibits a trimmed bark look. These outdoor artificial palms can range from 12 feet to 23 feet in height and the fronds are treated to minimize fading as a result of exposure to sunlight.

Outdoor artificial palms are ideal for home or commercial projects. They can add vitality to any space and are very easy to care for. There are a number of palm types and any of these may be utilized, but the most popular varieties in this case are the Coconut Palm and the Cycas Palm.

The advantages of using outdoor artificial palms over live palms are numerous. Outdoor artificial palms do not grow so they would not need to be trimmed or pruned. When dealing with trees, which are either slow growing or grow tall, it must be noted that live palms would take many years to achieve the desired size. Outdoor artificial palms achieve an instantaneous effect is as there is no long wait associated. While it is true that purchasing outdoor artificial palms may be more expensive than growing live trees, the benefits of using outdoor artificial palms make them a necessary investment for any serious landscaper.

Developments do not have to wait years for natural palms to grow into an attractive environment for their customers. These trees are definitely easier to move around since they are normally sold in steel containers. There is, therefore, no need to uproot the tree. In addition, there is no worry that particularly invasive roots would damage the soil of any foundation structures. There is also no possibility of insect damage, which is a definite worry when dealing with larger trees surrounding buildings or homes. The Outdoor palm is long-lasting as it does not wilt and there are no seasonal changes in color.

When ordering outdoor palm trees, please consult with our experts to ensure that these trees are suitable for your environment.

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