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Orchid Plants Article

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’ (Ecclesiastes ch, iii) Artificial plants and flowers have come to stay. Modern man is mired in a hurry up world and doesn’t have time to foster live trees and plants. He finds no time as our ancestors, whose world went on a leisurely pace. Neither the wandering pleasure of people like Wordsworth, Frost or Hardy nor their involvement with the countryside is possible for the 21st century urban dweller, unless he takes it up as an adventurer.

The inability to maintain the natural greenery has made artificial greenery a welcome alternative. Artificial trees, plants and flowers resemble their natural counterparts and at first glance you may find it difficult to distinguish between live and fake. Artificial orchid plants and flowers are one of the most popular artificial plants designed today.

Present day concern for eco preservation and the modern approach to health exclude natural greenery in homes and public places. Natural greenery requires care. Its watering and pruning need special knowledge. Pests are attracted to natural blooms due to the fragrance of pollen and insects which are attracted by the soggy soil and nectar may cause allergies. They shed leaves, the flowers wither and pesticides, insecticides add to the problems.

Orchid Plants add elegance and create a royal look to any place. To accentuate a theme or to have as centerpiece, they are very much suitable. The presence of flowers has a calming effect on man. Interior designers and decorators prefer and prescribe silk orchids not just for the colors and convenience but for the effects. Homes, offices, restaurants, seminar halls and conference halls are mostly air-conditioned places where the pollen, pesticides and the lured insects are anathema on health grounds. In such circumstances, the artificial silk and preserved plants come in handy. Their use removes all the drawbacks faced in using natural greenery.

Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and other varieties in colorful arrangements are available for decoration. At these varieties of artificial orchids are available in exquisite colors and pre-made for display in your home. Exotic floral island arrangements showing off tropical colors. Phalaenopsis and oncidium orchids look natural in their beautiful glass vases carrying river stones and acrylic water to imitate the real thing.

Wild orchid blossoms are one of the most sought after flowering plants to cultivate. But it takes the right humidity, climate and sun to make the grow year after year. If you don’t have the right natural setting to make them grow, invest in a silk orchid that will last a life time. Interior design reaches its heights with these artificial orchid plants and orchid flowers.

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