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Decorate Your Home or Office With Orchids Article

Whatever a man’s age, he can reduce it several years
by putting a bright-colored orchid in his buttonhole.
-Mark Twain

Many try their hands at decorating their homes and workplaces with varying degrees of success. Decorating with artificial flowers and plants, however, can turn a black thumb green.

For the savvy interior designer, natural greenery has given way to artificial plants and trees–our silk flowers and plants don’t attract insects, cause allergies, or create water stains with overfilling water, nor do they require constant attention such as pruning, watering, etc.. Our artificial greenery can easily be rearranged to create new looks as you redecorate your home or office.

Artificial orchids are the generally preferred flowering plants for interior design. They work nicely as flower arrangements on top of dining room tables or on desks. Or, you may enjoy a Tulip arrangement for its vivid colors and elegant lines.. Flower arrangements should welcome people into your home and be the right size and color to match your decor. An orchid arrangement placed as a centerpiece in an elegantly decorated room with proper lighting, comfortable furniture and furnishings would complete the decor.

Orchid plants and flowers will keep your employees and guests spirit up. Beautiful flowers always bring a smile to your guests as they enter your home or office. Consider white oncidium orchids and mountain grass in ceramic burgundy container or lavender and purple philaenopsis orchids and mountain grass in tin planters to decorate your foyer.

A restaurant, for instance, may place oncidium orchids with green dusted grass to turn customers into return patrons.

Introducing orchid plants & orchid flowers into the home or business environment will add color, spice, and variety. ‘Sow a thought and reap an act.’ (Proverbs, ch, xxiii): a cymbidium arrangement on writing or reception tables, for example, is a great accompaniment to the hustle and bustle of the workday; similarly, a lovely artificial bouquet in your foyer welcomes friend and guest alike to your home.

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