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Gold Christmas Wreath

Have you gotten a beautiful artificial Christmas wreath but find yourself stuck on how to decorate it? A beautiful textured ribbon I found inspired the sophisticated color palette. The right side of the ribbon has a three-dimensional swirl design in a cream color and the wrong side of the ribbon is a beautiful shiny gold. The color selection of ornaments was taken directly from that peek of gold you got from the underside of the ribbon.

Gold Christmas Wreath

Gold Christmas Wreath

Supply List
• Pre-lit Artificial Wreath
• Matte Gold Ornaments
• Shiny Gold Ornaments
• Floral Wire
• Wire Edged Ribbon

Step 1: Attach a Bow
I started with my inspiration piece, a handmade bow. Attach the bow using a piece of floral wire that you twist around the wreath. Take a moment to fluff up the individual loops of the bow with your fingers, spreading each one of them out. I like to place my bow at about the two o-clock position on the wreath.

Step 2: Add Ornaments
Once your bow is in place, go ahead and add your ornaments, one at a time. I did this by threading a six-inch length of floral wire through the loop on the top of the ornament and then twisting that ribbon deep around the base of one of the pine needles sticking out of the wreath. Doing it this way hides the cap of the ball ornament and allows you to position each ornament exactly where you want it.

Step 3: Make Final Adjustments
With all of your ornaments attached, step back from your wreath and take a look at if. If there are ornaments that are too close or too far from one another, go back and make any final adjustments that are needed. Once you are happy with the result, plug the wreath into your power supply and enjoy the beautiful glow of the lights. Even though I used gold, you can do this in any color palette that you like.

Print out this step by step tutorial with before and after photos here: Gold Christmas Wreath

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