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The Many Varieties of Artificial Palm Trees

When most people think of palm trees, the classic coconut palm instantly comes to mind. In actuality, this large genre of trees includes more than 2,500 different varieties of trees. Most of these varieties only grow in tropical and subtropical climates, including USDA Hardiness Zones 8 through 10.┬áIf you don’t happen to live in one of these hot, humid, and moist climates, artificial palm trees are the next best thing.

6 Foot Areca Palm

6 Foot Areca Palm

Artificial palm trees come in both indoor and outdoor versions and are made out of top-quality materials that make them look just like real ones. The outdoor palms are even UV protected, ensuring that the detailed leaves will not fade, even when exposed to full sunlight.

These synthetic palm trees are available in many different varieties including:

  • Areca Palms
  • Kentia Palms
  • Bamboo Palms
  • Raphis Palms
  • Banana Palms
  • Coconut Palms
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Fishtail Palms
  • Phoenix Palms
  • Cycas Palms
  • Sago Palms
  • Butterfly Palms
  • Parlour Palms
  • Pony Tail Palms
  • Pindo Palms
  • Fan Palms
  • Travellers Palms

Each of these varieties has unique characteristics and a look all their own. Some have pinnate leaves which resemble large feathers. Others have palmate leaves that are a single leaf in a large fan shape, such as bird of paradise. Because each variety has its own unique set of attributes, so do their coordinated fake counterparts.

You have to see our artificial palm trees in person to truly appreciate the intricate details that have gone into their design. Which of these palm varieties are your favorites? Do you prefer the tall slender, single-stem coconut palm or the Asian appeal of the multi-stemmed bamboo palm? Take a couple minutes to decide which of these palm varieties most appeals to you. Tomorrow we will talk about how to choose the right artificial palm for your space.

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