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How to Choose the Ideal Artificial Palm Tree

Artificial palm trees bring a casual feeling of the tropics into any room in your home. With so many different varieties and sizes to choose from, where do you even start? Today, we are going to talk about how to choose the ideal artificial palm tree for your space. It is easier than you may think once you narrow down what it is that you want.

45-Inch Bamboo Palm

45-Inch Bamboo Palm

Palm trees traditionally grow in tropical and subtropical climates but most of them fail to thrive outside of USDA Hardiness Zones 8 through 10. This limited climate range is why artificial palm trees are so popular. Today, the crafting of these synthetic trees makes them so realistic looking that you never feel as if you are missing out on the real thing. With such a vast collection of palms to choose from, it is essential that you narrow down the field.

Narrow by Size

On the left side of our artificial palm trees page you will see a number of different fields, including tree type, height, width, length, price, and color. Start off by thinking about where you would like to place the palm tree. Knowing you will put it will help you determine what that area requires. Do you want a tabletop palm, floor plant, or mid-sized plant? How wide does the space allow for? Before you order, get out your measuring tape and set some limits on size. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a plant is, if it is the wrong size for your space it simply will not work for you.

Narrow by Variety

Our handy tool allows you to narrow your search by variety. You can choose just one or many different varieties that appeal to you. Are you attracted to the Asian flare of the bamboo palm or the more traditional appeal of the Areca palm? Think about the overall theme of your room when you are making this decision. What styles are most in keeping with the rest of your decor? If you aren’t sure which ones appeal to you, skip over this step entirely and move onto the next one. As you browse there is sure to be a couple that speak to you.

Narrow by Price

The perfect artificial palm tree has to fit within your budget. Determine how much you want to spend and go ahead and narrow your search accordingly. You will be shocked by what you can get for the price.

Check Out the Details

When you do find the artificial palm tree you have been looking for, take a moment to read the details and specifications. This gives you even more information about the materials, leaf count, pots, and finer details of each plant. Use these specifications to help you make your final choice. From there all you have to do is choose your quantity and wait for your beautiful new artificial palm tree to be delivered to your door.

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