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How to Make a Poinsettia Hedge

Sometimes the simplest ideas make a huge impact. That is definitely the case with today’s Christmas decorating idea. A few¬†Inexpensive poinsettia plants transformed a manicured hedge into a simple, yet very sophisticated holiday arrangement. Check it out for yourself.

Want to try this outside of your home or business? We will walk you through the process and show you just how to do it.

Poinsettia in Hedge

Step By Step Tutorial 

1. Measure the length of the hedge.

2. Determine how many poinsettias you want in the hedge.

3. Divide the length of the hedge by 1 more than the number of poinsettias you want to feature. For example, if you had an 8-foot hedge with 3 poinsettias in it you would divide 8 by 4 to get a spacing of 2 feet.

4. Take a tape measure and starting at the left edge of the hedge, measure in the number of feet determined by your calculations. At that mark, go ahead and place a poinsettia. You are going to nestle the plant into the hedge until the plastic pot is covered by the leaves.

5. Continue doing this until all your poinsettia plants are in place.


Do this with other potted artificial plants at other times of the year.

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