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How to Add a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace to Your Home

When temperatures start to drop there is nothing quite like lighting a fire and feeling its warmth throughout your living room. Wall-mounted fireplaces are a fantastic solutions because they can be used virtually anywhere and are very affordable. For a couple hundred dollars you can create a complete fireplace area where you had previously had just a blank wall. At these prices, you will want to add electric fireplaces to multiple rooms in your home.

Electric Fireplace

How to Use an Electric Fireplaces

There are two types of electric fireplaces, those that are free-standing and those that are wall-mounted. The wall-mounted versions can be attached to the wall just like a flat-screen television. Once they are in place, simply flip the switch and enjoy instant fire and warmth.

Where to Use Them

Electric fireplaces are increasingly popular because of how easy they are to install and how many places you can use them. Imagine one in a bedroom, a great room, or even a master bathroom. They are so easy to install that they this becomes a perfect Saturday home project.

Share Your Project Pictures

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