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How to Select Flowers For Your Artificial Arrangement

When selecting flowers for your artificial arrangement, there are several factors to consider. You must consider your color scheme and the size arrangement you desire. Then select stems that function as either line, focal, or filler flowers.

Line Flowers
The line flowers are stems that define the size and shape of your arrangement. Longer stems that are thinner work well for line flowers. Blooming ginger, protea, and spider orchids could be used for this purpose. Thin greenery or twigs can also be used to create the lines of your artificial arrangement.

Focal Flowers
The focal flowers are the heart and soul of your artificial arrangement. Select focal flowers that complement your color scheme. You can use one type of flower, or select several different flowers for added color and drama. If you use one type of flower, like a rose, select flowers representing several stages of growth. If using a combination of flowers, select several different sizes to make your artificial arrangement more interesting. Roses, gerbera daisies, magnolias, and peonies are good choices for focal flowers.

Filler Flowers
Filler flowers fill in empty spaces in your arrangement. Select filler flowers that are not as large and showy as your focal flowers. Angel’s trumpet, allamanda, and baby’s breath all work well as filler flowers.

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