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How To Construct Your DIY Artificial Arrangement

Once you have prepared your container with florist foam and moss, and selected your flowers, it is time to construct your artificial arrangement. You will need your container, stems, and wire cutters. If your stems aren’t long enough, florist picks may be added. For a more permanent arrangement, a hot glue gun may also be needed. When you are done, no one will ever know that it was a DIY artificial arrangement, unless you tell them.

Determine SizeĀ 
The finished size of your arrangement is determined by the size of your container and the location of the finished arrangement. Your artificial arrangement should not be more than 3 or four times the height of the container. If your selected stems are too long, cut them to the desired length with wire cutters. If some stems are too short, lengthen them by wiring floral picks to the bottom of the stem. Once you have made your line flowers the correct size, stick them in the florist foam to determine the height and width of the finished arrangement.

Determine Shape
Look at the location of the arrangement and decide if you want a vertical, horizontal, triangular, oval, or other shape. Use additional line flowers to help define the shape. Artificial stems can be curved to fill in the shape. Curve the stems before putting them in the foam to keep from damaging the foam. For a more permanent arrangement, put hot glue on the stem to hold the stems in place.

Adding Focal Flowers
Once you have defined the size and shape with line flowers, add the focal flowers. This will further define the shape of the arrangement. For a more interesting arrangement, vary the size of the flowers. Make sure the flowers are facing different directions.

Finish With Filler Flowers
Stand back from your arrangement and determine where you need to add filler. Use greens, baby’s breath or whatever filler flowers you have selected. Make sure the focal and filler flowers follow the shape determined by the line flowers. The filler flowers fill in space without overpowering the focal flowers.

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