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Holiday Hydrangea Arrangement

Nothing sets the stage for a holiday arrangement better than a porcelain vase that is made to look like a cable knit sweater. Just add a combination of red and green artificial flowers and you have a holiday hydrangea arrangement that is the perfect centerpiece for any holiday table.

Holiday Hydrangea Arrangement

Holiday Hydrangea Arrangement

Supply List
• Cable Knit Vase
• 1 Bunch Red Hydrangeas
• 1 Bunch Green Hydrangeas
• 1 Bunch Glittered Poinsettias

Step 1: Cut Off Individual Flowers
The hydrangeas and poinsettias that I purchased came in a large bunch with three big flowers. The first step in making them fit into a low, rectangular vase was to cut off the individual flowers from the bunch. Do not cut them too close to the actual flower.

Make the stems nice and long and leave the leaves in place. Having some leaves visible makes the artificial flowers look even more realistic and it keeps the flowers in tact in case you want to use them for a different project later.

Step 2: Layer in the Hydrangeas
I wanted a nice, color blocked look for this arrangement so I chose to make my first layer of the flowers be all the red hydrangeas. Once I had all five red hydrangeas in place, I went ahead and added the green hydrangeas above them in a second layer.

If you don’t want your finished arrangement to be quite as color blocked you can go ahead and mix up the reds and greens evenly throughout the arrangement or you can use two bunches of one single color.

Step 3: Add the Poinsettias
The final step of your arrangement is to take a couple of the glittered poinsettias and add them into the mix. I placed mine between the red and green layers on the four corners but you can place them on the top, in the center of each side, or evenly dispersed throughout the floral arrangement. Once you are happy with the way it looks, make any last-minute adjustments and place it in the center of your holiday dining table.

If you want to print these instructions out for yourself, just click this link: Holiday Hydrangea Arrangement

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