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Holiday Decorating for the Five Senses

When it comes to holiday decorating, creating beautiful designs is not enough, you must engage each of the five senses to create a truly immersive experience. Today, we will talk about the steps that you can take to decorate for each of the five senses. When you do, you will be shocked by the results.

Siegel Berry Pine Tree

Siegel Berry Pine Tree

This one should come naturally because it is the sense we most commonly associate with decorating. We can appeal to this sense through out color combinations, lighting choices, and even the finishes of our holiday decorations.

If you decorate using a real Christmas tree, the natural pine scent will add an instant smell to your home throughout the holiday season but what do you do if you prefer an artificial tree? This is when you can use air fresheners, potpourri, and scented oils in holiday fragrances to enhance the design of your holiday decor.

You can engage your sense of sound with something as simple as a jingle bell door hanger or as immersive as a disc of your favorite Christmas carols. Music box figurines, chimes, and other decorating items can be used around your home to help your place sound like the holiday season.

The sense of touch is all about layering many different textures into your home. Place a big, cozy, cable knit blanket on your couch, burlap, fur, or felt pillows on your couch, and the soft cushion of artificial snow beneath your christmas tree. Each of these different textures invites you to run your hands across it and adds visual interest as well.

This is perhaps the most fun sense to consider during the holiday season. Every year I look forward to the sweet crunch of fresh baked sand tart cookies, the familiar taste of candy cane flavored coffees, and the hearty Christmas meal served every year. When you plan your holiday parties or gatherings, place bowls of candy canes and Christmas candies around your home.

Hopefully, today’s blog inspired you to think of all of the five senses when you are doing your holiday decorating this year. If you have small children at home, let them look around your house to find the items that appeal to each of the five senses.

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