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Halloween Mantle Idea

Getting excited about the fall is easy when your home is a beautiful reminder of the season.  No one is more excited about the Halloween season than my friend Erin Rock. As soon as Labor Day was over, she broke out her box of fall decorations and went to work transforming her home. This is a great example of a beautiful vignette that was done with a handful of decorations collected over the years. If you have been looking for a Halloween mantle idea, here is how she did it.

Halloween Mantle Idea

Halloween Mantle Idea


Start with a Focal Point

The star above the mantle is something that hangs there all year. Fortunately, because it is a very neutral piece, it coordinates with her spring, summer, fall, and winter décor extremely well. The floral arrangement behind the wooden word don’t have to be specific to fall, as long as they are a neutral color, like the grass ones shown here.


Decorate from the Center Out

Erin started by placing the wooden letters that spell out Halloween in the middle of the mantle. She then worked her way out toward the ends, trying to be as symmetrical as possible.


Combine Elegant Pieces with Whimsical Ones

The metal witch’s hat and candlesticks are otherwise very formal, but being paired with whimsical jack-o-lantern dolls and a large pumpkin makes the whole area more playful and fun. This is especially important since she has two little boys at home, who prefer happy decorations to spooky ones.


Don’t Forget About the Hearth

When you decorate any mantle, it is easy to forget about the hearth below it. Erin remembered to pay special attention to this area to complete her fall look. A cinnamon-scented broom and standing pumpkin man added some much needed height to this area.

If you have done a beautiful Halloween mantle at home, send us a picture!

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