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A Game Day Party the Whole Family Will Enjoy

The most anticipated football game of the year is finally here. How are you going to watch it? If you are like many other Americans, chances are that you are going to be throwing a game day party for friends and family. If so, I have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will keep all your party going friends happy, both young and old.


Create Multiple Viewing Zones

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to experience the game in their own way. Some are just there for the party of it all, talking with friends while watching the game in the background. For others, the thought of talking during the game is just not acceptable. For this reason it is a great idea to create multiple viewing areas. Let your living room be a place everyone can mingle while the volume is kept low. For those that are more intense, a bedroom or den can be converted into a serious game-watching area complete with surround sound.


Keeping the Kiddos Happy

Sometimes, getting a babysitter for the game is just not possible. Invite your friends with kids to spend the whole day at your house, but make it fun for everyone by setting up a kid-friendly zones. We are doing just that this year by using a play room as a place where all the little ones can watch DVDs, play with toys, and snack on their favorite treats. Set up a cooler or mini fridge filled with juice boxes and place it next to a kid-friendly buffet or snack bar. Plastic bowls or cups make a great vessel for kids to fill with chips, pretzels, carrot sticks, or chicken nuggets. Think of each age of child that will be present and make sure that there is something that will entertain everyone. Train sets, block areas, and a coloring center will make the day just as enjoyable for the kids as it for the adults.


Opt for Finger Friendly Foods

It doesn’t matter what age your guests are, finger-friendly foods are an absolute must for the big game. Paper plates, plastic cups, and canned sodas and drinks keep cleanup easy on the host while allowing guests to snack throughout the day. If you are laying out things that may get a bit gross by the end of the day, keep things fresh by laying out half of it for the first half of the game and then refreshing it with the other half that you have kept refrigerated.


Offer Plenty of Seating

Everyone is going to want a place to sit and relax. Raid your home for as many chairs as possible and think about the areas guests will want to sit. You can never go wrong with extra seating in the kitchen, living rooms, and dens.


Above all, enjoy this valuable time with the people that you love most. Personally, I have to head out to the grocery store and get stocked up on supplies for tomorrow.

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