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Fun Halloween Planters

When it comes to creating beautiful fall planters, you can go traditional and opt for a urn or large pot but this year, why not shake things up and try something a little bit more unconventional? Here are some fun and festive Halloween planters for you to consider this fall.



Go one step further than just carving a basic pumpkin. Go ahead and fill your carved pumpkin with a glass vase that is short enough to fit inside and fill the vase with your favorite combination of fall flowers. If your pumpkin is large enough, you may even be able to place a potted plant right inside. The glass vase or pot will contain the water or soil and can easily be removed when you are done using the gourd.


Hand-Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are very affordable, making them ideal for a DIY makeover. Use the same stencils that you purchase to carve pumpkins and use them to trace fun, spooky, or downright scary designs onto your pot. Once the stencil has been traced you can paint it with acrylic paint and seal it with a couple coats of varnish.


Burlap Wrapped Coffee Cans

Large coffee cans make great planters for indoor and outdoor floral arrangements. Place the can in the center of a large circle of burlap. Gather it at the rim of the coffee can and secure it with a piece of twine or a large rubber band. Cover the string or rubber band with a beautifully tied ribbon and fill it with the artificial flowers of your choice.


Do these project on your own or get the kids involved in the process and help them develop an interest in gardening. No matter which of these halloween planters you choose, you should be able to complete them for under $20.

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