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Fall Wreath DIY

Dress up your existing wall clocks with this fun and easy project. This fall clock wreath was made by taping leaves around the frame of an existing clock. If you don’t have a wall clock at home, try this application around a picture frame or mirror. Best of all, because I found the artificial leaves on special, this fall wreath DIY came in at just $6. My 5-year old daughter helped me with this project and we were able to do the whole thing in less than 10 minutes.

Fall Clock Wreath

Fall Clock Wreath

Supply List

  • Artificial Leaves
  • Clock
  • Clear Packing Tape

Step 1:
Purchase large, artificial leaves in your favorite fall colors. For this example, I purchased 3 packs of 6 leaves, with one pack in browns, one in greens, and one in oranges. The exact number of leaves that you will need will depend upon the diameter of your wall clock.

Step 2:
Determine what pattern you would like to see your leaves in and start taping them to the edge of the clock, one at a time. To do this, place one leaf where you want it, tape down the stem, and then layer the next leaf right on top, covering the stem and the tape of the last leaf. Continue doing this until you have gone the whole way around the clock.

Doing this project at home is easy, especially when you take the printable tutorial with you shopping. The printable version even has a variation on this project for other seasons. Fall Clock Wreath Tutorial

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