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Framing Your View with Plants and Trees

Professional landscapers start a project by deciding what it is that they would like to showcase and then adding a supporting cast of plants, trees, fountains, and hardscapes that will help to accentuate the star of the landscape. If you have something that is naturally beautiful in your yard, such as a lake, established tree, or beautiful water feature, make it the showcase of your yard by choosing plants and decor items that showcase that view.

Framing a View with Trees

Framing a View with Trees

This yard is an excellent example of how homeowners chose to plant trees that would frame their stunning view of a lake. The lily pads and reflections of the water are hard to miss because the trees do such an excellent job of calling your attention to the back of their property. The only thing that would make this vignette even better would be a nice, low bench or pair of chairs that you could relax in while taking in the view.


Do you have  yard that does not have one focal feature such as this? If that is the case you actually have the freedom to create the focal piece of your choice. Invest in a beautiful fountain, large fire pit, or even a gazebo or arbor. One nice central feature is a great foundation item that will help to establish the overall function, style, and theme of your space.


With your large item chosen, start layering in plants that work within your climate and color scheme, furniture that helps you use your space the best, and decor items that bring the whole look together. Stepping stones, pavers, mulch, and even river rocks can help to define separate spaces within one large yard. If you don’t want to have to constantly trim back your plants or spend hours watering them and tending to them, opt for artificial plants and trees that have been specifically designed for outdoor use.


What is the star of your yard? Be sure to show us by framing your view and sending us pictures of the finished results.

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