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Enhance Curb Appeal with Seasonal Artificial Outdoor Plants

We all want to have the pretties house on the street. Now you can have just that, without spending hours each week tending to your garden or flower beds. A few artificial stems are all you need to create show-stopping urns and mailbox arrangements your neighbors will love. Let me show you how one person has done just that. It all started with a beautiful urn housing a big boxwood topiary. Watch how one customer transformed a boxwood topiary with seasonal artificial outdoor plants.

Artificial Outdo

Cameron O’Steen is an interior design student who wanted to breathe new life into an older home. She knew that taking care of plants on an ongoing basis would be challenging, especially with climate conditions in Texas. We think her solution was a stunning one. Let’s take a closer look at how she transformed a single topiary three times to create three festive looks with the help of a couple artificial outdoor plants.¬†

Add All-Season Greenery

Ivy makes a great all-season plant to fill in the edges of this planter. It adds both texture and depth to the boxwood topiary while acting like a maintenance-free filler. You can pick any green plant  because it is going to be used as a foundational piece to build the rest of the arrangement on top of. If you really want to add visual interest, pick more than one piece of greenery for your topiary design.

Add Seasonal Plants

Give your topiary or planter a seasonal look by placing a few seasonal plants in among all the green. Even though they come in bright hues, these plants are artificial and require little to no maintenance, depending upon where they are placed. White hydrangeas give the first arrangement a light look perfect for spring and summer but when the seasons change, so do the plants. White hydrangeas got traded out for festive fall flowers through autumn. When winter came, poinsettias made these topiaries part of the holiday decorations.

Storing Artificial Outdoor Plants

Artificial outdoor plants are a great way to add seasonal decor but what do you do with them when the appropriate season is over? We recommend storing them in an air-tight plastic storage bin that is labeled for the season. Make sure the bin offers plenty of room for the plant. You don’t want to damage them by cramming them into a space that is too small to accommodate them. This will keep them looking great between seasons while leaving them easily accessible for you to use year after year. If you have a very large bin, you may be able to store multiple seasons worth of flowers together in one bin.

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