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5 Winter Urn Fillers You’re Sure to Love

Have you been wondering what to fill your urns with once the holidays are over? Poinsettias really can’t take you through January and February but we have some beautiful winter urn fillers that can do just that. Let us inspire you to update your indoor and outdoor planters with these wintery artificial outdoor plants.

Winter Urn Fillers

English Ivy

English Ivy Plant — $38

English Ivy is a great all-year urn filler. Not only does it provide some trailing
tendrils that can work their way down your urn, but it also offers dense
coverage at the base. Use a couple of these artificial ivy plants to fill in the
space and then pair them with a plant with a little bit more color.

If you are looking for a seasonal design, choose ivy as an all-year filler and
replace seasonal flowers every quarter to offer up a completely new look.
Show us how you have used English ivy in your urn by sharing a picture on our
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Red Bougainvillea

Red Bougainvillea — $72

If you love the bright red colors of poinsettias but feel that they are too
Christmassy, try our red bougainvillea instead. This big and beautiful outdoor
plant features a multitude of deep red flowers accentuated with dark green
leaves. The dark crimson color is in keeping with the season.

Bougainvillea in nature bloom throughout the year, until they come across a
deep freeze. If you live in a sub-tropical of other hot climate, chances are that
you have seen these lovely plants before.

Sprengerii Bush

Sprengerii Bush – $33

The Sprengerii bush is an great urn filler because it adds a ton of texture. This
bush offers dense foliage at the base and spreads out to create many
spreading tendrils. It works great around the bottom of the urn and can be
used alone or in pairs for added coverage.

If you want your urn to have even more visual interest, consider pairing this
Sprengerii bush with another piece of artificial greenery, such as the English
ivy plant above.

Red Geranium

Red Geranium — $73

Infuse color into your winter urn with the addition of the red geranium. This
artificial outdoor plant makes a great urn filler because of the density of the
artificial branches. Use a couple together to really create a dramatic effect.

red is a fantastic color for winter urn fillers because it is indicative of the
season without looking too christmassy.

Yucca Plant

Yucca Plant — $105

When you are looking for something tall and dramatic, the artificial yucca
plant makes a fantastic choice. This artificial plant stands 54 inches tall and
has gently arching leaves that spread out a bit from the central stem.

Yucca plants naturally appear in tropical and sub-tropical locations but that
doesn’t mean you can’t make them a part of your winter urn. This artificial
version looks just like the real thing but doesn’t require the warm weather.

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