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DIY Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is just a few days away! In celebration of all those special mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and women in our lives, I have come up with a quick and easy DIY Mother’s Day floral arrangement that is bright and colorful. Give it as a gift, use it as a centerpiece for brunch, the possibilities are endless. Let’s get started by gathering our supplies.



  • Clear Glass Cylinder Vase
  • I 12 x 12 Sheet of Scrapbook Paper
  • Bouquet of Artificial Flowers
  • Glue Gun
  • Coordinating Wire Edged Ribbon

Step 1: Adding the Scrapbook Paper

The first step in this project is to measure the height of your vase. Measure this from the inside to the top rim. Trim down your paper to that measurement. Roll the paper into a cylinder with your fingers, place it inside the vase, and allow it to expand until it is pressed up agains the wall of the vase. This paper will help conceal the artificial stems of the bouquet, plus it looks great!

Step 2: Add Your Artificial Flowers

Go ahead and place your bouquet of artificial stems into your vase and gently spread them out until they are pleasing to the eye.

Step 3: Add the Ribbon

Turn the vase until you see the seam of the scrapbook paper in the back. Use that seam as your guide. It is considered the “back” of your arrangement. Place some hot glue on the   end of your ribbon on the wrong side and press it against that seam, but on the outside of the vase. Wrap the ribbon around the vase, cut it about an inch longer than it needs to be for overlap. turn down the second end of your ribbon just a half inch so that you don’t have any raw edges that may ravel. Glue down the second end, making sure to line it up perfectly.

Mother's Day Arrangement

Mother’s Day Arrangement

That is all that there is to it! With the exception of the hot glue, this would be a great project for children to do for their mothers or grandmothers. Be sure to share pictures of your finished Mother’s Day floral arrangements with us.


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