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Artificial Centerpieces for Weddings

If you don’t think artificial flowers are appropriate for a wedding, think again. The term “artificial flowers” used to mean unrealistic looking plastic plants that were quite frankly, an eyesore. That is no longer the case. Today’s faux flowers are made out of top quality materials, such as delicate silks, and contain such intricate detailing that it is hard to tell that whether they are real or fake in the first place. Today, I am going to give you some examples of stunning artificial floral centerpieces and the reasons that artificial flowers make a great choice for weddings.


Giant Mixed Floral Arrangement

Giant Mixed Floral Arrangement

Save on the Florist

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that a major chunk of your wedding budget can go toward a florist, if you want the flowers to be an important part of your big day. A lot of what you are playing for is the shipping of in-season flowers and the labor involved in creating these elaborate floral arrangements. And as large as those checks are, a week after the wedding you have nothing but pictures to show for it. Save on the florist, purchase artificial centerpieces for the reception, aisles, and wedding venue, and let your florist take care of bouquets only.


Pass them On

Because artificial flower arrangements last forever, you have many options once the wedding is over. You can gift them to those special people that went above and beyond to make your wedding happen. You could also pick your favorites to use at home as a constant reminder of your big day. If you order a bunch of them and have no other need for them, why not donate them to a hospital or nursing home in your town. They can add some bright beauty to an otherwise undecorated space.


They Represent Everlasting Love

Easily the best thing about faux flowers is that they are everlasting. If you are getting married, what better way is there to represent your everlasting love than with some of these beautiful centerpiece arrangements?


Benefit of Advanced Ordering

Unlike natural flowers, these arrangements can be ordered far an advance. This allows you to check one more thing off your list months before the big day, reducing your stress level in a major way.

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