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Displaying Artificial Bromeliads Beautifully

I just spent four incredible days relaxing at the EAU Palm Beach Resort and Spa. This incredible weekend retreat doubled as inspiration for me because everywhere I looked, they had done incredible things with plants. Camera in hand, I walked around the resort capturing little pieces of inspiration for us to talk about this week.

When we first pulled up, these beautiful large planters filled with beautiful bromeliads was there to greet us. It worked flanking the doors of this five-star resort and it can work flanking your front doors as well.

Artificial Bromeliads

Artificial Bromeliads

It all started with a tall concrete urn. That urn was absolutely packed with gorgeous, tropical, bromeliads. The rugged material and neutral color of the pot is so important to the overall look of this floral display because it really allows the red bromeliads to shine.

As if these planters were not beautiful enough on their own, the crisp white draperies hanging behind them finish off the look in casual, flowing style. I can not tell you how much I love crisp white draperies in outdoor spaces because they are so clean and welcoming.

Recreate this gorgeous look at home with our artificial outdoor bromeliads. Order a bunch because you will want to pack them in tightly, all at slightly different levels. Let the synthetic green leaves reach out over the edges of the pot to soften up the look even more. The lower leaves also act as filler, creating a dense layer of foliage in the pot and concealing stems.

I hope that you were inspired as much as I was with this beautiful arrangement. Be sure to post your finished look on Facebook or Twitter and show off your skills.

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