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Creating a Cozy Cabana in Your Yard

No beachside resort would be complete without a lineup of shady and cozy cabanas. Make your back yard feel a little bit more like your favorite resort by adding a personal cabana to your pool deck.

Beachfront Cabana with Chaise Lounges

Beachfront Cabana with Chaise Lounges

The Cabana Itself

It all starts with a support structure such as a gazebo or pergola. Once the structure is in place, add shade with a canopy and outdoor drapery panels that can slide open or closed depending upon the current position of the sun. On hot summer days, it is amazing how that carefully placed shade can reduce the temperature within the cabana.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

With the cabana in place, it is time to add comfortable outdoor furniture for the whole family to enjoy. Before you do this, think about how you would like to use the space. Are you going to serve meals? Are you going to relax while reading a book? The furniture you choose should coordinate with your desired use.

Finishing Touches

What sets a top resort apart from the rest is the attention to detail. The final finishing touches make these cabanas infinitely more enjoyable. Place small outdoor pillows on chairs and chaise lounges to improve comfort. Blankets and towels can easily be stored in an outdoor bin or chest. Acrylic drink ware and pitchers are able to hold ice-cold beverages without fear of breaking. Of course, one of the biggest design choices that you can make for your space is drapery fabric and cushion fabric.

You will be shocked how much you will make use of a cabana space in your yard. It really is like relaxing in a little room of luxury.


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