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How To Design A Rustic Bar Cart

Is mixing drinks, collecting bottles, and appreciating antique barware appealing to you? Why not create a custom bar cart with a rustic design that will take you back to when crystal barware was proudly displayed? Today, rustic carts and shelving units are making a more comeback. They provide a beautifully masculine mixture of rich wood and hard metals, and are the ideal starting point for a beautiful bar display that is completely customized to your tastes and design aesthetics.

How to Design a Rustic Bar Cart

Bar Cart

Select a Bar Cart

Before you can do anything else, you must first select a bar cart that speaks to you. The size, shape, and number of shelves of the cart you choose will play a part in dictating the rest of the choices you make designing your custom bar. The item you choose as your bar cart doesn’t have to be specifically designed for that use. This rustic shelving unit is just that, a shelving unit. Yet, when you load it up with bottles and glassware and everything else, it becomes exactly the bar cart you need. When you are looking for the bar cart for your space, consider a couple of different things.

  • Dimensions:
    You want the bar cart to fit in the space you have available.
  • Number of Shelves:
    More shelves means more storage but you want there to be enough space between the shelves to handle your larger bottles and glassware.
  • Overall Style:
    Like any new addition to your home, you want to make sure that the item coordinates with the rest of your existing furniture while still offering independent beauty of its own.

Add Liquors & Wines

With your cart in place it is time to start loading it with your favorite wines and liquors. Arrange a few on each shelf for a varied look. Try placing larger bottles in the back with shorter bottles in the front. If you use a couple different items frequently to make a specific mixed drink, place those commonly used items together on the top shelf. Don’t forget to take into consideration the favorite beverages of your guests. Having the items they enjoy on hand will make them feel more welcome when visiting your home.

Choose Glasses

A beautiful bar requires glassware that is just as beautiful. Sift through your favorite antiques mall for vintage finds or search for new vintage-inspired finds. Think about the type of drinks you make most and have the appropriate glasses to make each of those items. Below is but a small sampling of the types of glasses you can outfit your bar with.

  • White Wine Glasses
  • Red Wine Glass
  • Highball Glasses
  • Shot Glasses
  • Martini Glasses
  • Margarita Glasses
  • Champagne Flutes

Supply Bar Tools

There are some bar tools that you will want to have close at hand. There are all the small standards, but larger items as well. An ice bucket with tongs, decanter, serving tray, and bowl of citrus and herbs for garnishments can all enhance both the look and the function of the bar.

Perfect the Arrangement

Once you have all of your items, play with the arrangement of them until you have a visually-appealing presentation. If you need a little more inspiration, check out our Pinterest page on carts and shelves to see how different bar carts have been supplied and arranged.

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