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How To Design a Bar for the Man Cave

A man cave should be a special area where he can unwind after a long day, enjoy a drink, hang out with friends, and support his hobbies and interests. Make his man cave a place he will always treasure with a few careful design decisions and a bar that is completely tailored to his needs. We will dos you how a couple of questions will lead you to designing a bar for the man cave that he will love forever. Read on to see just how easy it is to design a bar for the man cave.

how to design a bar

What Are His Interests?

Think about how he is likely to use his man cave. Is it a place for him to sit and watch football? Is he more likely to sit in there with friends and play video games? Design the whole room with his interests in mind. Everything from wall hangings to furniture can be inspired by a specific theme. This bar has a great old-world industrial feeling. Browse our entire line of bar stools and furniture to find the pieces that will fit in perfectly with your theme. There is a bar stool for every kind of theme you can imagine.

How Will He Use the Bar?

Take a moment to think about what type of bar is most appealing to him. Does he have a passion for beer and microbreweries? If so, a fantastic kegerator will be an absolute necessity. Is he a liquor man? If so we love the look of under-lit glass shelves that showcase a wide collection of bottles. If wine collection has become a hobby, wine racks on the wall and a wine fridge may be his preference. In addition to considering what he likes to drink, take into consideration what your most frequent guests like to drink. They will feel much more welcome if their drink of choice is always readily available.

What Personal Touches Would He Appreciate?

Give him complete pride and ownership over his new bar by adding artwork, monogram details, and other items and collectibles that make it his own. If you get stuck thinking about how to decorate, take a trip out to his favorite bar and observe how that location is decorated. Use it as inspiration for finishing your own bar design.


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