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Create a Custom Vanity with a Feminine Touch

Little girls and grown women alike love sitting down at a beautiful vanity and getting ready for their day. This traditional element of any girly bedroom is one of the few places that is all about the woman it is for. A great vanity combines function and beauty and this is how.

Green Cymbidium Orchids

Green Cymbidium Orchids

Pick a Desk

It all starts with a lovely little writing desk. Ideally, this desk will have at least a little bit of drawer space. If it does, go ahead and fit those drawers with organizers. This will help ensure that lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeliners don’t go rolling all over the place every time you open and shut a drawer.

Add a Stool

When you have a lovely vanity, you don’t want to block it with a big desk chair. Instead, choose a low profile stool that can slide easily under the desk when it is not in use.

Ambrosi Circular Mirror

Ambrosi Circular Mirror

Hang a Mirror

Every well-equipped vanity needs a great mirror. It is perhaps the most functional part of a vanity. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be decorative and beautiful as well. Choose one with beveled edges, a feminine scrolling design, or even a touch of gold for some extra glam. Hang it just above the desk so that you can easily see yourself from a seated position.

Decorate the Desk

You don’t have to use cosmetic holders that are intended to be for cosmetics on your desk. Small vases, mugs, and letter trays all make great vanity organizers. Fill a clear vase with colored glass marbles and stand you makeup brushes up in them. Place the things on the desk top that you reach for every day but don’t forget to also place a couple decorative items there as well, such as a small but beautiful artificial flower arrangement.



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