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Create an Outdoor Daybed with Sectional Components

Outdoor daybeds are one of the latest trends in outdoor furniture. They are a contemporary alternative to a traditional sofa and provide a huge, cozy place to cozy up with family. Whether you are trying to outfit an inviting outdoor living room or create a resort-like feeling around your pool deck, huge daybeds are a great option. Today, we are going to show you how to make them using easy-to-find outdoor sectional components.

Right Arm Lounge by Lloyd Flanders

Creating a Custom Outdoor Daybed

Sectionals frequently feature a lounge chair at one end. These sectionals are available in right arm, left arm, and armless varieties. Instead of pushing a lounge up against standard chairs, try pairing it with other lounges to great a deep seating daybed the whole family will be fighting over. to have a daybed that is two seats wide, simply choose a right arm lounge and a left arm lounge. If you want it even larger, fill the center up with some armless lounges.

Soho Lounge Chair


The Key to Comfort

The key to a resort-worthy outdoor daybed is tons of plush cushions and throw pillows. Once you have chosen your style of lounge chair, choose deep, plush cushions to go along with it. Most of our outdoor furniture features a wide range of cushions available. Browse the entire line of fabrics for the ones that will coordinate the best with your decor.

Flair Left Arm Chaise


Because they are still sectional pieces, they can always be pulled apart to gain additional seating for a dinner party.

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