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Christmas Gifts to Have on Hand

The holidays can be a chaotic time and inevitably there will be a last-minute house guest swing by or party invite that will come your way. Instead of running out to the stores last minute, keep a couple extra gifts on hand to fall back on during those times. Stock up on some of our favorite Christmas gifts and never get stuck in an awkward situation again. We have an idea for every personality and every budget. Which is your favorite?

Smart Solar Color Changing Ceramic Jar

┬áSmart Solar Color Changing Ceramic Jar – $29.00

This is a great gift idea for anyone who has a deck or patio. This solar powered jar is a creamy white color and features intricate cutouts. When it is turned on, this jar glows an array of beautiful colors. At this price, it is easy to stock up on these beautiful ceramic jars.

Smart Solar Ceramic Torch

Smart Solar Ceramic Torch – $30.25

Everyone with a deck or patio needs a way to keep mosquitos at bay. Smart Solar ceramic torches help you do just that. Place it on an outdoor side table or dining table and stay out long after dusk with no worries. This is a great gift idea for men and women alike.

Silk Poinsettias in Fluted Vase

Silk Poinsettias in a Fluted Vase – $47.37

Nothing says Christmas better than a beautiful poinsettia display. This trio of beautiful red flowers comes in a clear vase with acrylic water at the bottom. The result is a realistic-looking floral arrangement that anybody would be happy to receive as a gift.

Mixed Succulent Spheres

Mixed Succulent Spheres – $50.00

Succulents are increasingly popular right now and these Mixed Succulent Spheres are a stylish way to display them in your home. Artificial succulents of various types have been arranged to form two balls, each of which hang from rustic branch-like loops. These spheres are 5 inches and 7 inches long respectively.

Smart Solar Triple Candle Lantern

Smart Solar Triple Candle Lantern – $94.50

Treat a friend to the gift of this beautiful Smart Solar Triple Candle Lantern. This elegant piece of home decor is solar powered and features three artificial pillar candles. These lanterns are available in many different styles and sizes.

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