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Christmas Cubicle Decorations

It is that time of year again, when we head up to the attic and bring down all our boxes of Christmas decorations. Why not bring some of that wonderful holiday cheer to your work place. It is easy to turn any boring cubicle into a feminine and inspiring place to work.

Decorating a Cubicle with Ribbon

Decorating a Cubicle with Ribbon

After years of working in the same 8 foot by 8 foot space, my friend was sick and tired of the sterile-looking desktop and cubicle walls. Inspired by a memo board at the craft store, she decided to turn the padded cubicle walls into a giant memo board using thumb tacks and some ribbon.


  • Flat Head Thumb Tacks in Silver or Gold
  • Beautiful textured Ribbon (3 or 4 Spools)
  • Scissors
  • Frames
  • Decorative Scrapbooking Papers

Step 1:
Decide on a design. This picture shows both vertical stripes of ribbon and cross-hatched ribbons. Both of these designs are very functional in their own rights and look great combined with one another.

Step 2:
Fold over the raw beginning edge of the ribbon and tack it to the bottom of the cubicle wall where the wall meets your desk using a line of thumb tacks. Run the ribbon up to the top of the wall, cut it about a half inch longer than it needs to be, fold down the raw edge a half inch and tack it to the top of the wall using the thumb tacks.

Step 3:
Continue to add the ribbon to your cubicle walls in this manner until you have completed your design.

Step 4:
Print out your favorite Christmas sayings on a piece of decorative paper and frame them in any leftover frames you have lying around. Add a potted poinsettia to the end of your desk, some Christmas cards on your memo board, and you have a desk that is festive, yet feminine. She also hung a small mirror, a calendar, and paperwork that she frequently has to reference. The great thing about using a neutral ribbon is that you can change out your potted plant and what is in your frames for each season without completely redesigning your space.

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