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5 Essentials for Fall Decorating

I have to say that I am so excited about the weeks to come. I have pulled our fall decorations out of the attic, dusted them off, and added to them with some brand new items that have come into my home this year. This seasonal overhaul means that we are going to have a lot of new tutorials and videos coming your way in the next two weeks.

Our October wreath of the month, festive halloween tree, beautiful artificial fall plants and gorgeous autumn landscaping using artificial plants are just three of the projects that are on deck this week. As if that is not enough, I am going to give you a sneak peek or shopping list inspiration if you want to follow suit and try some of these projects out for yourself.

Maple Leaf Garland

Maple Leaf Garland

1. Burlap

This rough, rustic, yet somehow chic material is an absolute must-have for fall decorating. You can purchase it plain, printed, even dyed bright colors. It comes both by the yard and by the ribbon spool. Because I can’t decide how I like burlap best we are going to be using all these different varieties of it.

2. Artificial Fall Foliage

All I can say is stock up on quality stems of fall florals and grasses. We will use them time and time again, both inside and outside to transform our spaces and infuse those gorgeous burnt oranges, deep yellows, burgundies, and browns into our interior and exterior designs. You would not believe how much there is available in this category, including maple leaf wreaths, huge floral arrangements, and so much more.

3. Candles

Fall is all about feeling cozy and the soft light that candles provide will certainly change the whole mood of a room. I use a combination of real candles and battery operated candles. If you have kids or pets around the house, I strongly suggest stocking up on the battery operated varieties because they are infinitely safer to use.

4. Gourds

This is an absolute essential for fall decorating. Gourds are not only colorful but they are also textural and perfectly seasonal. Sure, pumpkins are a staple but go far beyond that and collect gourds of various sizes and shapes. They can be purchased at nearly every home decorating store but I was surprised to find that my local grocery store also carried an extensive collection of these beauties.

5. Cinnamon Scented Items

I love walking into a store that has those fragrant cinnamon scented brooms and pinecones sitting by the front door. That smell just reminds me of this time of year, bringing my mind back to the though of apple pies and, if you are from the northeast like me, apple dumplings. The brooms can be used so many different ways, from mantle decorations to wreath adornment. The pinecones are even more versatile, and can be found in many bowls, vases, and baskets around my house.

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