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A Closer Look at Christmas Trees with Color-Changing Lights

Some of the newest artificial Christmas trees in our collection feature color-changing LED lights. We are very excited about these versatile lights because they eliminate the need for you to choose between white or multi-colored lights when purchasing your pre-lit Christmas tree. Today, we are going to give you a close look at these incredible lights and all nine of the lighting varieties they offer. We even posted a you-tube video walking you through these lights, as featured on the 7.5-foot North Valley Spruce tree.

9 Foot Dunhill Fir

Artificial Christmas Trees with These Lights

There are many artificial Christmas trees in our collection featuring these lights. From tall and full to super slim, there is a tree for every location in your home. These lights are guaranteed for 3 years and operated by a simple foot switch. This switch is all that is needed to change between the nine light settings of these color-changing lights.

  1. Solid White Lights
  2. Solid Multi-Colored Lights
  3. White Lights that Dim
  4. Multi-Colored Lights that Dim
  5. White Lights that Slowly Change to Multi-Colored
  6. White Flashing
  7. Multi-Colored Flashing
  8. White to Multi-Colored Flashing
  9. White to Multi-Colored Flashing Fast

Check out the Video

In a recent video, we did an unboxing and set-up of the 7.5-foot North Valley Spruce tree with color changing lights. Today, we are going to share with you a shorter clip that walks you through these lights and the nine settings. Once you see it for yourself, you aren’t going to be able to wait to upgrade your old tree to this fun new one. When you are ready to shop, check out our complete collection by National Tree Company.


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