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5 Ways to Decorate with Rope Lights this Christmas

As the holidays approach, make sure to stock up on rope lights. These simply stunning tubes of brilliant light are incredibly versatile and may just be the finishing touch you need on your Christmas decorations. Here are five ways you can use these lights to make the most of your holiday decorations.

Rope Light Snowflake

Rope Light Snowflake

1. Illuminate the Top of Cabinets
A strand of rope lights running the length of the top of your kitchen cabinets can be a subtle way to illuminate the artificial plants, woven baskets, vases, and artwork that you have on display up there.

2. Create a Custom Yard Decoration
Trace the outline of a reindeer, ornament, tree, or other iconic shape on a piece of wood and outline it with a strand of these bendable lights. When the sun goes down and the lights come on, the real magic happens.

3. Wrap a Tree Trunk
Rope lights are the perfect way to wrap a tree trunk. For tall trees you can plug one rope into another and keep the illumination going. Just plug one end into an extension cord and leave them up all season long.

4. Outline a Walkway
Make it easy to find your sidewalk and the stairs up to your house at night when you outline your walkway with clear or colored lights on both sides. This will also cast a beautiful light on the grass or stones along the edges.

5. Accentuate the Architecture of Your Home
Run rope lights along your roofline, around window frames, up pillars, and along porch fence rails to really bring out the beauty that lies in the lines of your home.

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