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5 Fun Ways to Use Lighted Twigs

Lighted twigs are an amazing addition to any holiday décor. What is so great about these twinkling beauties is that they look beautiful from the beginning of fall straight through the New Year. If you have always wanted to use them but you weren’t sure how, this is the blog for you. We will look at five great ways to incorporate them into your décor this season.

Twig Stake Lights

Twig Stake Lights

1. Camouflage Columns
If you are planning an outdoor dinner party, lighted twigs are the ideal accessories. Wrap them around the pillars holding up your pergola or porch and define your space while letting it shine. This is such a sophisticated look that you could even use it for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception.

2. Entry Floor Vase
If you have a nice, tall vase right inside your entry, bring it to life this fall and winter with the glow of these lighted twigs. You can pick and choose how many twigs you need depending upon how wide the mouth of your vase is.

3. Flank a Mantle
Everyone decorates the top of his or her mantle for the holidays but let’s not forget the hearth area. Placing two vases or tall baskets with lighted twigs on either side of the mantle will take your annual display to the next level.

4. Art Niche
So many newer homes feature those beautiful art niches. These lighted branches are the perfect answer for filling them while keeping the whole vignette nice and slim.

5. Added to a Floral Arrangement
These lighted twigs don’t have to be used on their own. They are a great addition to any existing fall or winter floral arrangement. Place it in the center of an arrangement and surround it with lower artificial flowers and greenery.

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