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3 Great Ways to Use a Springtime Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just a Christmas decoration anymore. There are plenty of beautiful wreaths adorned with bright springtime flowers. Celebrate warmer weather and blooming flowers by adding a springtime wreath to your home.

22-Inch Peony Wreath

22-Inch Peony Wreath

A Warm Welcome

There one may sound obvious but there is a reason hanging wreaths on front doors is so popular. How great is it to come home to a beautiful wreath greeting you. Instead of simply hanging a wreath from a nail, consider sprucing things up by hanging the wreath from a wide ribbon.


Bathroom Decoration

A spring wreath featuring artificial flowers is a great addition to dark room such as a bathroom. There are very few opportunities to interject decoration and style to a guest bath or half bath. Hang a wreath on the wall behind the toilet or over a towel rack. Compliment the wreath by purchasing hand towels in coordinating colors. What an easy way to update your décor from one season to another!


Table Centerpiece

Wreaths don’t have to be on the wall to be effective, try laying one down in the center of your dining room table. In the center of the wreath, place a tall glass cylinder filled with fresh fruits or coordinating flowers. If you don’t have a glass cylinder, try placing some coordinating pillar candles in the center. If you are using this in a kitchen or dining room, choose an unscented candle so it doesn’t take away from the scent and taste of any food you serve.

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