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10 Front Porch Plants Perfect for Spring

Design a front porch worthy of its place in your favorite home decor magazine with the addition of these gorgeous porch plants. Each of the artificial flowers, plants, and trees showcased today is specifically designed for outdoor use. Many of them even come pre-potted for instant enjoyment. Those that don’t offer you the freedom to enhance your existing pots, urns, and window boxes. Pick your favorite or mix and match them for a complete front porch transformation.

Porch Plants 1

1. 11 Inch Mixed Plastic Mini Daisies in Planter

Add some casual beauty to your porch when you place this lovely potted plant on your side table, stairs, or deck railing. These mini daisies come pre-planted in a beautiful planter. Standing at just under a foot tall, this is a very versatile plant for any front porch.

Porch Plants 2

2. 9.5 Foot Outdoor Bougainvillea Garland

Add some vertical interest to your front porch when you wrap a support beam, cover a wall, or outline the porch railings with this beautiful bougainvillea garland. This artificial garland comes with many different flower colors to choose from and features realistic-looking leaves in various shades of green.

Porch Plants 3

3. 17 Inch Potted Grass in Decorative Urn

Frame a doorway or the stairs leading up to your front porch with a pair of these decorative urns filled with potted grass. A contemporary sphere of potted grass is the perfect accent for any style of home. Let this outdoor plant add both color and texture to your space.

Porch Plants 4

4. 18 Inch Outdoor Leather Fern in Mossy Hanging Basket

A gorgeous hanging plant is a must-have for any front porch but they can also drip soil, mud, and leaves on the porch below. Avoid that constant mess by opting for artificial hanging plants such as these leather ferns. The mossy hanging basket enhances their natural look. You will be hard-pressed to tell they aren’t real.

Porch Plants 5

5. 15 Inch Outdoor Artificial Sequoia Bush

Make your front porch stand out from the rest with this textural and colorful artificial sequoia bush. This plant doesn’t grow naturally in many different regions but the artificial version can enhance any space, regardless of climate.

Porch Plants 6

6. 21 Inch Artificial Outdoor Red Hibiscus Bush

Add a beautiful burst of tropical color to your front porch when you place these artificial hibiscus bushes in your favorite decorative planter or urn. Enjoy all the beauty these flowers provide without any of the trimming or grooming.

Porch Plants 7

7. 64 Inch Artificial River Grass in Planter

Add height, texture, and color to your front porch with this gorgeous artificial river grass arrangement. A contemporary planter is just bursting bursting with foliage. They can be used to frame a doorway or fill a forgotten corner.

Porch Plants 8

8. 12 Inch Artificial Outdoor Boxwood Mat

Cover an unattractive wall or fence with this lovely artificial boxwood mat. This flat mat is filled to bursting with realistic-looking boxwood leaves and an easily be attached to any flat surface. Each mat measures 12 inches square so take measurements of your space prior to ordering to determine how many you need.


Porch Plants 9

9. 37 Inch Outdoor Rhododendron Plant

The Rhododendron is one of the most traditional houseplants and landscaping plants there is, but this is not your ordinary Rhododendron. This one completely synthetic. This plant is available both potted and unspotted but it is does not come in the planter pictured. Add your own planter to make it your own.

Porch Plant 10

10. 22 Inch Outdoor Artificial Bromeliad

Create a focal point on your front porch or in the front landscape itself with the addition of these tall and colorful bromeliads. This plant comes in many different colors and can be placed in a pot, planter, or directly into a window box or garden. Versatility is just one reason these beauties are one of our favorites.

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