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Dalmarko Designs

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18 inch Mixed Ivy in Terracotta
7 foot Preserved Variegated Dracaena x 3 Blooms in Basket
6.5 foot Petitie Preserved Dracaena 4X Blooms in Planter
3 foot Blossoms in Glass Cylinder
8 foot Blooming Ocotillo in Metal Planter
5 foot Artificial China Doll Tree in Basket
7.4 foot Artificial Ficus Tree
26 inch Artificial Fern in Terracotta Planter
30 inch Artificial Silver Queen in Basket
8 inch Artificial Succulents On Wood
10 inch Artificial Succulent Mix in White Ceramic Planter
8 foot Tall Screen of Artificial Bamboo in Lightweight Black Planter
3 foot Blossoms in Oval Glass Planter
8 foot Elegant Artificial Ficus Tree in Basket
13 inch Mixed Greenery

23 inch Artificial Orchids & Succulents in Fibercrete Planter
10 inch Peony Mix in Cream Ceramic
8 foot Preserved Dracena/Onion Grasses in Planter
4 foot Preserved Pampus Grass & Dracaena in Metal Planter
30 inch Artificial Flowering Spathiphyllum in Basket
20 inch Artificial Succulents in Grapevine
13 inch Artificial Succulents in Glass Bubble
13 inch Artificial Succulents in Aged Clay Pot
26 inch Tulips in Glass Vase

Multiple Color Options

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13 inch Artificial Agave in Black Ceramic Planter
13 inch Artificial Amaryllis in Black Vase
8 foot Artificial Bamboo in Metal Planter
8 foot Lush Artificial Banana Tree in Metal Planter
6.5 foot 3-Ball Artificial Bayleaf Topiary in Lightweight Urn
6 foot Sandblasted Manzanita Branch
6 foot Natural Dark Manzanita Branch
23 inch Orange Dahlias in Glass Vase
Displaying 1 - 32 of 74 items