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Yucca Plants Article

The yucca plant like the Aloe plant is used is a variety of ways by many different cultures. This article takes a look at some of uses of the Yucca plant and its origins. The Yucca plant is often used to treat arthritis, joint pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are treated by Yucca. Yucca plants contain saponins, the precursors of cortisone. This stops the release of toxins from the intestines that restrict the normal cartilage formation. The adrenal glands produce saponins in the body. The Yucca extract is also used to treat high LDL cholesterol, gouts, wounds, ulcers, liver, kidney and gall bladder ailments, bursitis, hypertension, colitis and headaches. The dark brown extract of Yucca which is bitter sweet to taste is added to ice cream and other foods. It is used as a foaming agent added to cocktails and beer. Yucca plant extracts are put to a lot of uses in the treatment of animal ailments. It speeds up bowel elimination and can be added to pet food as a spray and drops.

The Yucca Plant is classified to be included in the lily family, the scientific name for the family being Liliaceae. The yucca plant primarily grows on the high deserts and tablelands of Mexico and the southwestern parts of America but it is also found in the eastern parts of America and the West Indies, though to a lesser extent. But they mainly grow in southern North America. They are succulent pants and there are about 490 species of the Yucca. Commonly, yucca plants do not have a stem and consist of a cluster of sword shaped, stiff leaves at the base. The plant contains clumps of waxy white or purple flowers.

The Joshua tree, a well known Yucca tree, wish was so named because the ugly looking angular branches looked like the outstretched arms of Joshua leading people out of the wilderness. The name was given by Mormons crossing the California deserts. The extracts of the Yucca plants are used in alternative medicine as soap. It is also used as an herbal supplement in the diet. The other common Yucca plant species apart from the Joshua Tree are the Spanish bayonet and the Spanish Dagger. Shampoo and soap are made from the pounded roots of the Yucca Baccata. The extracts of the roots are used to make soap and shampoo.

The tribes in south western United States and Northern Mexico use Yucca plants for a host of purposes. The Western Apaches primarily use the fibers of the Yucca leaves to make dental floss and rope. They prepare gravy to be eaten with food by mixing ground juniper berries and the fruit of the yucca plant and preparing gravy. They prepare a fermented drink from yucca fruits and juniper berries and grinding them into a pulp and soaking the ingredients in water. A lot of other things are made from the yucca plant and the native Americans use the yucca plant to make belts, sandals, mats, baskets and cloth. Hopi , Papago and Ute Indians also put Yucca plants to a many uses.

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